Not a new thing for me, but rather a very old one: my first ever model (made aged 7) was 1/72 Airfix Stuka.  These are mostly 1/72 scale models mostly manufactured by Academy of South Korea and although very high quality are very modestly priced. The superb backgrounds and photo-shop work are done by 'Mrs Precision-Panzer' with Photoshop aspects


On the galley from top left are: JU-87 G1 flown by Hans-Ulrich Rudel on the East Front . FW-190 A8 flown by Heinz Bar over Germany in 1944. P47D from the 84th fighter squadron, 78th Fighter group, flown by Lt Frank E Oiler, P-40 Tomahawk of 112 squadron RAF based in Libya & Egypt in 1941, RAF 'Tiger Killing' Typhoon from 181 squadron Normandy 1944, an IL-2 Sturmovik from an unknown unit operating on the Estonian Front in early '44, an ME262 flown by Walter Nowotny over Germany in early 1945, A Mosquito NFII  from 169 sq & an ME109 G-6 from JG-52. Joining them are a trio from the Korean war: an F86B Sabre "Little Rita" flown by Lt Dick Gieger of the 16th Fighter Interceptor squadron, a Mig 15 from the Chinese People's Liberation Army airforce flown by Russian ace Captain Nicolay Ivanov & a Hawker Sea Fury flown by Lt Peter Carmichael from 802 Squadron HMS Ocean (first Sea Fury pilot to down a Mig 15)


Any enquiries about buying the completed aircraft models are very welcome.