My Heng Long is broken. Can I send it to you for repairs?

-Sadly with Heng Longs the cost of the postage to & from myself means its simply not worth sending them for repairs. The best idea is to carefully take them apart and sell the individual components on eBay as spares. I'm not an electronics expert but I can possibly advise on repairs via e-mail.


I want Michael Wittmanns 007. Will you do it?

-I try to avoid doing the same model twice. Generally I do a Tiger every 6 months or so but I much prefer doing truly unique models rather than duplicates of ones I've done before. I'm reluctant to do too many more Wittmann tanks but if you ask for something I haven't done (maybe a winter Stug or Barbarossa PzIV F1) I'll be much happier to take the commision!


How much do you charge?

My prices start at £100 for repainting plus the cost of shipping and any kits/kit parts required. If you send me your tank there's no need to pay a penny until the job is done. Because of time wasters in the past I now need to request a 50% deposit on the purchase price of any tank you'd like me to buy for you. This will be considered part payment for the final job but is non-refundable if you back out of the agreement.


Can you paint me some tank crew to order?

-With pleasure. Several customers have sent me verlinden resin kits for assembly and painting. I charge approx £15 per figure (more if a complex cammo if required) but will also offer discount if you would like several similar figures painted at the same time.


Do you sell stowage?

-Sometimes. I often end up with extra parts from projects that I will sell on as 'petersym37'. I'll happily paint stowage to order on request

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