(RC) Type 82 Kubelwagen

12th SS, Falaise Gap, 16th Aug 1944

This is a commission for Mr Bill Hoffner from PA, USA:


Bill sent me this incredibly rare and long out of production Tamiya RC Kubelwagen kit for full assembly painting & weathering. He wanted 'Normandy & SS' but apart from that left the rest to me. The perfect customer!


I painted the Kubelwagen in standard yellow and green late war cammo and lightly weathered it with oils and pigments. The vehicle has been painted to depict a Kubelwagen serving with the recon battalion of the 12th SS 'Hitlerjugend' during the climax of 'Operation Totalize' in Normandy. This was an all out attack by the Canadian army focusing on the area held by the 12th SS which ultimately lead to the closure of the Falaise gap.


The standard driver figure was customised with a resin head from dogtag minatures. He's been painted wearing an 'Italian pattern' cammo tunic. Contrary to popular belief this fabric wasn't issued to German troops fighting in Italy. Its actually cloth made in Italy for the Italian army (the first army to routinely issue camoflague uniforms to its men) captured by the Germans when Italy joined the allies and used to make uniforms for the newly formed 12th SS and for replacements sent to its parent unit, the 1st SS Panzer Division "Liebstandarte".