To do a good job you need good tools. The following are essential items for building large scale tanks:

• Screwdrivers: at least 1 Philips size zero with magnetic tip plus a selection of larger screwdrivers.
• Needle nose pliers & tweezers for holding small parts.
• Superglue, epoxy resin & polystyrene cement.
• Tupperware boxes to safely store small parts.
• A Zona or Tamiya razor saw for making fine cuts in plastic.
• A scalpel or craft-knife. I like Swann-Morton 10A blades.
• Fine sandpaper
• Plasticard and brass tube for scratch building.
• A soldering iron for replacing/repairing electronic components. I use a butane powered one that doubles as a mini-blowtorch for creating dents and bashes.

To finish your tank requires plenty of equipment too.
• You need a good double action airbrush. I use an AB- series one costing £30 for coating large areas and a more expensive Aiwata for detail work. Keep your airbrush spotless and it’ll last you for life.
• You can run airbrushes from a can of gas but it’s expensive. A cheap compressor with a ¼” BSP fitting will pay for itself quickly. You should be able to get something suitable for ~£40 on eBay.
• Primer: Vallejo primer helps paint stick to metal.
• Brushes: For fine detail work you need to use a fine paintbrush. Don’t waste money on cheap nylon ones. Buy very small size OO sable brushes (approx £3 each). Keep them clean and NEVER leave them tip down in a jar of water- it kills the point.
• Paint: I spay Tamiya & Vallejo model air acrylics and brush paint with Vallejo model colour. They’re non-toxic and water soluble and come in ideal colours for painting WW2 armour.
• Thinner: don’t waste money on expensive paint thinners. Tamiya paint dilutes very effectively in supermarket vodka. It’s non-toxic, low odour and dries very quickly. Tamiya paint must be diluted 1:3 to make it suitable for airbrushing.

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