Weathering is simply recreating what happens to a real tank when it’s exposed to the elements. Once you’ve painted your tank you want to dull it down. There are countless ways to weather your tank but these are some of the cheapest, simplest and most effective.

The simplest weathering technique requires an airbrush. Make approx 50mls of 5-10% paint in solvent and spray all over your tank to dull down the final finish.

My favourite weathering solutions are 10% solutions of Tamiya Flat Earth (XF-52) to simulate dust and Nato Black (XF-69) to recreate smoke and burn marks. Stand back and spray all over your tank. It’s best to do several light coats rather than one heavy coat. It’s easy to make a tank more weathered, but very hard to make it less weathered if you do too much. If in doubt spray a sheet of white paper first to make sure the finish is what you expect.

Mud is easily recreated using approx equal amounts of earth toned MIG pigments (a sort of dry paint) such as European dust, Russian earth etc, Acrylic resin and polyfilla. Apply it roughly with an old toothbrush and let it set. I find that it dries several shades lighter than it appears when wet so that a mud solution the colour of dark chocolate will dry milk chocolate coloured etc. If in doubt make a small quantity and let it dry to double check. Once this mix is on your tank it can never be removed. Many pro-modellers mix dried mint leaves in their mud to simulate dead leaves.

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